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Telephone Topics is a FREE program that offers a variety of pertinent and beneficial information. You can listen, learn, participate, and share in conversation with others about, well…just about everything!

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Orange Papers


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Mather LifeWays Orange Papers feature topics on aging and living well. New Orange Papers are added regularly – come back to check them out.

Did You Hear the One About…?


Laughter is very powerful, as it has been proven to actually alleviate pain. Though most of us aren’t aware of it, we could really use a good laugh each day. Laughter and humor help us relax, lower our stress levels, and help us find “the funny,” which can give us a new perspective on seemingly difficult situations.
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Take Note(s) Living Well Through Music


Music is everywhere. People everywhere can be seen donning headphones whether they’re reading, exercising, traveling, or shopping. What is it about songs that captivate mass audiences? All in all, why is music such a big deal? The answers to these questions are important—especially in regard to cultivating your health and well-being.
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Creating Meaningful Conversations


Like all of us, older adults have a need to tell their stories. They just simply require the right outlet and someone to listen.
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Does Mindful Eating Help You Eat Less or Just Better?


You’ve probably heard about all the ways to lose weight and then some. Diets, fads, no diets, power bars, shakes—you name it. Well, research indicates that mindful eating might be a good place to begin.
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Participation in Online Communities and Psychosocial Well-being Among Older Adults


Preferring alone time—all the time? Within the older adult population, social isolation is a common occurrence—and it means more than just an empty calendar. Social engagement—defined by some researchers as making social and emotional connections with people and the community—has been shown to contribute to the successful aging of older adults.
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Research & Reports


Survey says…

Adult children with family members living in CCRC’s


Mather LifeWays, along with Ziegler and Brecht Association, Inc. conducted the first-ever national study of family members of residents living in Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC). Find out what adult children of CCRC residents are saying about their loved ones’ experiences, and how that influences their own plans for the future.

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Watch us

Mather LifeWays is continuously producing informative and entertaining videos that bring to life our mission of creating Ways to Age Well. Visit our YouTube page to browse a collection of videos showcasing everything from NBC Tucson’s coverage of Splendido to behind the scenes footage of one of our Mather’s–More than a Café locations.

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Continue your education & lifelong learning


Gale Morgan, Vice President, Mather LifeWays, speaks with Tucson’s NBC-affiliate about the numerous options available to continue learning and thriving.
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Top 7 items needed in an emergency


Gale Morgan, Vice President, Mather LifeWays, speaks with Tucson’s NBC-affiliate about the seven most important items you should have on-hand in an emergency
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